Stay Young with Pilates

Here at Bora we believe that Pilates is for everyone.  If you have suffered an injury, Pilates will aid your recovery and rehabilitation.  If you are pre or post partum, Pilates will build essential core strength.  If you are hoping to increase your flexibility while gaining strength, Pilates is the key! And for those of us who are more mature, Pilates will help to keep you mobile, improve posture, balance and flexibility while renewing fitness.  Apart from the many physical benefits of Pilates, the method also provides an opportunity to improve memory and coordination as choreographed movements are used.

Most fitness regimens rely on full, fast range of movement using weights and high repetitions.  While this may be beneficial for the younger body, it carries significant risk to the older body, particularly for those who perhaps haven’t exercised as much as they would have liked.

Pilates is different. It focuses on the quality of movement rather than the quantity, resistance or speed. Indeed, doing Pilates movements slowly is often MORE challenging than doing them at normal or rapid speeds. Moving slowly ensures that movements are done in a precise and controlled manner, reducing the risk of slipping from ‘challenge’ to injury. The precision of movements helps to ensure that all of the muscles associated with the movement are exercised – not just the major ones. This controlled and precise approach to movement reduces the risk of injury during exercise AND delivers more balanced exercise benefits to the body as a whole.

To fulfill demand, we have designed a program specifically aimed to benefit the unique needs of mature beginners. Our fully qualified instructors will explain and teach the basic principals of Pilates before taking you through a gentle repertoire on the reformer.  We will focus on breathing; using the full lung capacity to improve the supply of oxygen, relax the body and clear the mind.  There is also particular emphasis on building a strong core which helps to improve balance and reduce joint pain as well as helping to develop good posture. We are able to tailor classes to every individual as our maximum class size is three.  If there are particular injuries or issues that you are concerned about, we can give modifications that focus on rehabilitating the problem.

Pilates really is for you and we are sure that you will leave the studio feeling refreshed, invigorated and walking a little bit taller!

Do join us at Bora Studio on Monday at 12.30pm or Wednesday at 12.30pm for our Stay Young classes!

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