The ultimate tailored Pilates workout for you

Our one-on-one, private pilates lessons are perfect if you prefer a private workout that is completely tailored to your individual goals and requirements or if you would like to take your workout routine to another level.

A private session also offers the opportunity to give special attention to any pain that you may experience, such as the common lower back pain, pain from a spinal or sports injury.

Anissa combines the methods and resistance equipment designed by Joseph Pilates, her extensive Pilates experience, and her osteopathy knowledge to offer you a unique and most effective method to aid your core strength, improve your balance and cardiovascular strength and, to relieve pain.

Tailored to your specific requirements, she incorporates various apparatus such as the Reformer tower, chair, balls, barrel, flex bands and more.

£45 or £450 for 11 sessions

Improve your strength, speed, and agility with the help of Anissa. Book your private session today!