Barre is one of the most efficient ways to get toned in the shortest amount of time.

In our signature Bora Barre class, we use a combination of movements and postures inspired by ballet, yoga and pilates. Using your own bodyweight as resistance and with high repetition, Barre provides a low-impact, full body workout that is suitable for every level of fitness.


The Barre is used to help keep the body still while contracting specific sets of muscles. We may also use small equipment such as light handheld weights, mats and balls to specifically target certain muscles.

Join our Bora Barre family just once a week and, before you know it, you will see and feel the benefits. One hour a week for your health and fitness – is there really a good excuse not to do it?!

£10 per session, £80 for a block of 10 sessions or £140 for a block of 20 sessions.