A total body strengthening and low impact workout. I can be used to further challenge or give support in order to address functional needs.

 The Half-Cadillac (also known as the Tower) is a vertical unit that uses a variety of attachments - a roll-back bar, arm springs, leg springs and a push-through bar to provide a full body workout.

It is an extremely versatile piece of Pilates equipment and can be used to further challenge or give support in order to address the functional needs from beginner to advanced Pilates enthusiast. 


The set up of the Half Cadi allows adjustment of springs and resistance for your height, weight, and strength and lets you target legs, arms, bottom or any part of your body, while still using your core. It is a total body strengthening workout, without stress on your joints.

As well as strengthening the body, there is also an emphasis on mobility - opening the hips and chest and lengthening the spine whilst incorporating synchronised breathing to deepen each stretch. This class is guaranteed to leave you feeling uplifted, taller and lighter.

Single session: £22 

£105 for 5 sessions

£190 for 10 sessions

£340 for 20 sessions.




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